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Project Description


If I Were The Ocean – Oslo

A working exhibition initiated by Currently, an ongoing project by Amanda Steggell and Ross Dalzeil, based at the National Maritime Muesum in Oslo for 5 days, If I Were The Ocean brought together a group of artists from Oslo and Liverpool. Drawing on Currently’s ongoing projects, the event aimed to activate the space between the museum building and the sea through a collection of drop-in workshops, pop-up performances, excursions and lectures.

Although I’m not strictly based in Liverpool, I was invited to collaborate with Ross and another colleague Adrian McEwen. Co~Tidal was a beautiful meeting point of our three individual practices exploring textiles, participation, data, the internet of things and the sharing of knowledge. We invited the public to generate a personalised ascii pattern based on tidal data from the month of their birth. At the push of a button tidal data from a buoy in the Oslo harbour was called and used to interrupt a traditional Oslo bunand embroidery pattern, producing a unique pattern for each visitor. Some participants sat with us for a time to then embroidery their pattern onto a custom laser cut keyring, others took theirs away as a kit.

Tags: Textiles, Data, Digital, Patterns, IoT, Collaboration

Date: Aug, 2016