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Project Description


DMLabs Residency

In September 2015, I was invited to take part in a week long residency, hosted at the Octopus studio at Barrow-in-Furness. The third in a series of artists residencies, I was one of 10 nominated artists invited to explore the theme of ‘Digital Outsider’. ¬†With an intent to delve further into the digital, the week became an opportunity to freely explore some themes I rarely got chance to focus on whilst exploring my practice from a physical and mental distance. Placed in a secluded environment with a group of like minded artists with practices both similar and widely different from my own, was a great opportunity for reflection and play. There is a common feeling among ‘DMLabbers’ that those who experience will have a bond for life.

Whilst enjoying, exploring and making the post of the opportunity to reflect on the residency I was able to spend some time looking deeper into ‘flow’. Using some of my own and provided tech kit I began some initial experiments into tracking flow during making.

You can read about the project and my blog posts from the residency here

I am grateful to have met such and amazing group of Artists, many of whom I am sure I will meet and work with again in the future.

Tags: Digital, Technology, Residency

Date: September, 2015